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Lake Fauuse Pointe
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Last Updated On12/30/2015
Copyright 2005 - The Louisiana Hiking Club
The Louisiana Hiking Club
Trail Description
Lake Fauuse Pointe
Total Distance (circuit): 5.7 miles

Having been away from backpacking for a number of years, I
was looking for a relatively short, easy trail with reasonably
fast access. In addition to checking my own skills and stamina,
I was going to use the opportunity to introduce my daughter
to backpacking. The hiking trails at Lake Fausse Pointe State
Park filled the bill completely.

Entering the park, you pass by the entrance station, then
through a crossroad, one side of which leads to the boat
landing and the other to a Boy Scout area. Just past the
crossroad you will see a restroom on the right with parking
directly opposite. Beside the restroom is a short footbridge
leading to the trailhead which provides access to all three trails
Trail A is a short .75 mile loop that extends to the north of the
trailhead. You access this trail by taking a right and continuing
counterclockwise. Trail A is marked with white blazes and
loops around a narrow peninsula, then turns back on itself. At
the point where it turns left to return to the trailhead, Trail B

Trail B is marked with blue markers and is about 1.6 miles
long. It begins with a short paved section that was clearly
designed to be handicapped accessible. The deterioration of
the pavement would make it very difficult for anyone in a
wheelchair at this point. The paved portion is short and leads
to a scenic overlook. After the overlook, the trails continues
south, making a loop and coming back onto itself at the
handicapped section before returning to the trailhead. There
are some nice views of the lake where the trail rises on the
mounds produced through digging of the canals.

About 1.3 miles along Trail B you will come to the intersection
with Trail C on the right. Trail C is longer than the other two at
3.3 miles and is marked with orange blazes. It also contains all
of the designated camping sites for backpackers. These are
spread out at varying intervals along the trail and, for
backpacking sites, are well appointed. We camped at Site No.
4, approximately 50 yards off the trail. The site contained a fire
ring, a small bench adjacent to the ring, and, hallelujah, a half
picnic table with bench. There was plenty of room for our 3-
person dome tent, although there wasn’t a great site for
another tent.

Next morning, after enduring near-freezing overnight
temperatures, we gathered up our equipment and followed
Trail C back to the main park area. Just past Site No. 5 there is
a split in the trail, with the left-hand portion marked on the
trail map as “often wet”. As we had not encountered any
significant standing water or mud, we elected to hike that
portion, and were pleased to find no significant soft spots. As
you near the end of the trail, it crosses the parking area at the
conference center, then re-enters the woods for a short
distance before arriving at the parking lot adjacent to the

All in all, it was a very pleasant trip. There are a number of
nicely constructed wooden footbridges along the way, and
information stands along the trail provide interesting facts
concerning the natural inhabitants. The early season and chilly
weather kept us free of varmints of all kinds. We saw only a
few people, and none of them were camping. The only
discouraging note was the amount of trash visible along the

Based on our experience, I can highly recommend the trails at
Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. Use them for a pleasant day trip
or for a nice way to introduce someone to backpacking.

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